Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm All Caught Up . . . Almost!

All the quilts received so far are sorted!  Everything has been logged into the database!  We're working on getting names and contact information for those who lost their homes in these fires!  Everyone has finally been notified (thanks for your patience!) that I have received their package!  Except for three - if your name is one of these please contact me!  I can't find your e-mail address from the information I have on the box!  ***  Killefer, Sherri Raymos, and Carmen Wyant ***  Thanks!  :o)

I was going to tell you all about my exciting weekend, but I still have to take pics of the quilts we made.  Oh yeah, plus get pictures of the other 143 quilts I've received so far!  I've worked 14 hours on Phoenix Quilts stuff today so I'm going to go to bed now and be ready for a great post tomorrow and LOTS of picture taking!  :o) 

Yawn . . .

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  1. Wow Julie, you are off like a rocket! I see you have kinda modelled your new blog along the lines of Oz Comfort Quilts - well done. My heart is aching all over again as I read the stats for the number of homes lost, it reminds me so much of Black Saturday here in Victoria. I have the fabric ready to cut out and sew up my first quilt top to send you. Don't hold your breath though - by the time I've made it up and it gets to you in the mail, it might not be for a few weeks :-(
    Hang in there, and hugs to all of you from OZ.


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