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July 16, 2012

"We aren't trying to replace people's bedding . . . we'll let the insurance companies do that.  All we want to do is bring someone a little bit of comfort during such a tragic and difficult time in their lives.  We feel that a quilt can do that almost better than anything else."

That's what I tell people when they ask me why I'm doing this.  That's why I want to put a homemade quilt into the arms of 910 families who have lost their home to the terrible wildfires that their home just happened to be in the way of . . . simply to bring them a little bit of comfort.  I feel that as these people are trying to rebuild their lives from the ashes that was once their home, a quilt is a great place to start!

What started as a desire to give a quilt to some friends who lost their home to a wildfire in Central Utah, has grown into a determination to reach out to people throughout the Western United States and show them there are a LOT of people in this crazy ol' world who care! 

Obviously, though, there is NO WAY I could sew that many quilts myself!  So I put the challenge out there to my quilting friends.  Through my quilt blog and, I have had HUNDREDS of quilters, quilt stores, fabric companies, batting companies, and so many others, join me in this cause without any hesitation!  Completed quilts, finished quilt tops, beautiful quilt blocks and fabric to make quilts with, and even monetary donations, are shipped or delivered to us daily!  The generosity of these men and women all over the world completely and totally AMAZES me!  This is the most unselfish group of people I have ever been associated with, and I love them all for what they're doing!  Will you please join us in helping those who have lost everything???

The Phoenix bird, as you may remember, rose again from the ashes of his nest after it was burned by fire.  I know these people who have lost their home to a fire will be able to rise again, as well.  That's why we are using the name "Phoenix Quilts . . . Rising from the Ashes."

Julie Anderson