Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Changes for Phoenix Quilts

What a whirlwind of events we've had around here lately!  With speaking assignments, attending quilt-a-thons, delivering quilts, having a Phoenix Quilts booth at an event where there were approximately 1,200 women in attendance, PLUS keeping up with the day-to-day work Phoenix Quilts requires, it's been CRAZY busy!!!  But oh, so AWESOME!!!  :o)

Because of how much time I'm working with Phoenix Quilts I need to make some changes that will allow me to stay sane!  :o) 

  • I would appreciate it if you would now send in completed quilts and/or monetary donations.  It's taking a lot of time piecing tops with the blocks that are being sent in and then finding people to quilt and bind all the quilts.  Everything I've received has been so beautiful - there are a lot of talented quilters out there!  I have been totally amazed by the generosity of everyone sending in these donations, but for now I need to limit it to completed quilts.  I also think I have enough fabric to make the backs for all of these quilt tops.  The monetary donations will be used to help complete quilt tops and blocks that have already been sent in and to help with distributing the quilts.  If you are currently working on something you were planning to donate, please still send it in!  I really do appreciate everything all of you are doing!  :o)
  • I'd prefer that you send in lap-size quilts to be used for Phoenix Quilts purposes.  That way we can give one quilt to each family and the entire family will be able to use it.  I have received soooo many baby/child size quilts, it's unbelievable!  They are all so darling!  :o)  I've got enough to cover our needs for now, though.  If you would still like to donate smaller quilts (which would be awesome!) I'll be donating them to our local ambulance service (I'm a volunteer EMT when I'm not quilting!) and hospitals.  If that's all right with you then keep sending them in!  :o)
  • I would love to have a picture on my blog of every quilt that is being sent in, but that also takes a lot of time (I'm not very fast with cameras and computers).  If you would please post a picture of your quilt in the Phoenix Quilts group on Flickr (use the Donations tab above) then we'll all be able to see the quilty goodness being donated!  :o) 
I am deeply grateful for all the donations that have been sent in and hope that you will continue to help us help those who have lost their home to a wildfire.  I hope that you can understand why I'm making these changes.  I haven't ever done anything like this before and I'm having to learn what works best for everyone as I go along!  :o)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at julie@cut.net



  1. I'm glad there's been such an enormous response! I know there are over 500 families who've been burned out.

  2. Julie, you are doing a wonderful job, and your requests are totally reasonable. I'm just sorry I can't send you a whole bed quilt for the reasons we discussed at the beginning (expensive shipping from Australia and my old domestic sewing machine). But at least I got one top to you, which I hope you have been able to make up into a quilt for a needy person. I'll have a look at making a lap quilt; that would be cheaper to post, and probably easier on my machine! What is the size of a lap quilt (as opposed to a baby quilt)?

  3. I think you are doing such a great job! Of course I am also going to beg to be an exception! As I am out of the country it is difficult to send a completed quilt, but I have my second set of a front + back + binding ready to mail if you will take them? It is larger than a lap but a tad smaller than a twin, so at least it meets the size requirements!


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