Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big Surprise . . . BIG MISTAKE!!!

Hi everyone!

I had a big surprise to show you, but I was the one who got the BIG surprise because of a BIG mistake I made!  (I'm now hanging my head down in shame . . . )

I've been working for quite some time on changing the name "Phoenix Quilts" to something else, so that the name would fit all the people that we are giving quilts to.  The new name and blog were all part of a big surprise.  Well the BIG mistake I made, after the blog was created, is that the new name I chose is already being used!!  I AM SO EMBARRASSED!!!!  I thought for sure I thoroughly checked the Internet to make sure the name wasn't being used!!!  I must have seen that the name was being used, but blocked it out of my mind because I liked the name so much!  I feel like such an idiot!!!  Ugh!!!

So, instead of my big surprise, I'm coming to you for help in choosing a new name.  You have all helped in such BIG ways in the past, that I decided you ought to have a say in what we call ourselves!  I've got a few ideas, and this time I really can't see anywhere else they're being used, but I wanted to see what you come up with.

Why am I wanting to change the name?  Here are a couple of reasons:  Many people ask if I'm in Phoenix, Arizona.  I've been asked if I have a quilt store in Phoenix and if quilts could be dropped off there.  I live in Utah, so this was a little confusing to people.  Some just didn't understand the name.  The biggest reason why I want to change the name is because we've increased the types of families and individuals we're donating quilts to.  We aren't only dealing with people who have been affected by wildfires (although we did some AMAZING things with that), we are also reaching out to those who have been affected by man-made tragedies or natural disasters, like we did with Hurricane Sandy in New York.  I'd like to change the name to something that includes everyone that receives one of our quilts. 

So what do you think?  What should we name our group?  Once this is all finalized, I'm going to apply to become a non-profit agency (surprise!).  Therefore, the name needs to be available with a .ORG extension for a future website, as well as a blog name.  I REALLY want to help others through these quilts, and being a non-profit agency will help us help even more people in need of a quilted hug!

By the way, if you want to see the "new" blog, you can go to it by clicking HERE.

I can't wait to read your suggestions!



  1. Well, I have to say that I actually love the name of Phoenix Quilts...but I can see where the confusion would come in. I also love Heartstrings, but I assume that's the one that's taken. All the things I've thought up don't sound nearly as nice...Heartwarming Quilts. Comfort Quilts. Heart Hug Quilts...none of them seem to have that IT quality to them.

  2. I love the name Phoenix Quilts, too, but I've been surprised in my life at the number of people who don't know what Phoenix refers to. I'll think some more.. but here's my first attempt: Comfort Quilts? Tangible Love Quilts? Quilt Hugs for You?

  3. I'm not good at cute names. I, too, liked Phoenix quilts and understood the meaning. Your website is cute.
    Quilting Hands for Love? I'm sitting here trying to think of something heartfelt, looking at a picture of my Dad. He's the reason I wanted to make quilts for you. My dad was a fireman and died from injuries received from fighting a fire.
    How about Something Heartfelt? I typed it above and thought, maybe? Joining Hands with You? Told you I wasn't good at this.

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